Best Bodyweight Partner Exercises To Add To Your Workouts

partner exercisesThese bodyweight partner workouts are perfect for those with someone to workout with who don’t have access to a gym!

These are challenging times to workout. The current state of everything with gyms closed or open with limited capacity has probably made it difficult for you to find that stable routine you once had. Those valuable runs or outdoor activities are starting to pick up. Working out at home can be a challenge and we fully understand the struggle of balancing your busy life and your workouts especially with no gym to escape to.

If you have a partner or workout buddy living with you, thankfully there are some great exercises you can do together! Keeping you both on a routine promotes a healthier lifestyle overall, both physically seeing gains and staying mentally sharp during these challenging times. Plus, it is more fun to work out with somebody. If you prefer to workout alone, that is perfectly understandable and we get that, but working with someone can open new doors to exercises, tips, and a great energy that you may be missing out on.

Believe it or not, it is possible to get a good workout in without all the equipment a gym provides. While we get used to grinding in the gym with our favorite machines, maybe its time to switch things up and get a great full body workout in with your partner as the only equipment you need. The right person can keep you accountable and push you to limits you may have not thought possible.

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Getting Started

To start, have a conversation with your partner about your goals as well as their goals and work together to achieve them. Any injuries, current or past, sensitive spots, or weight differences can also be discussed to run a safe and efficient workout. While focusing on form and technique together, you both can see great gains with a monster partner workout.

partner exercises

Partner Exercises

Plank With A Clap

Planks are great all around ab builders while also promoting great gains for balance and stabilization as well as low back pain (1). Both you and your partner hold the plank position, keeping your cores engaged with a neutral spine. Facing each other, you can either start a timer or count the claps as reps. While in the plank position, reach your right arm out and clap their left hand as they extend their arm, alternating arms as you go.

Push-Up With A Clap

This is very similar to the plank with a clap but we had to throw this in there. Working your chest, arms, and abs, a push-up is one of those exercises that should be staple in any workout (2). Both you and your partner perform a push-up and clap hands with the opposite arms. Continue alternating for a set amount of time or reps.

partner exercises


Burpees are a killer full body workout and that love-hate relationship we have with them may be slightly easier with a partner present. Have your partner lie on the ground flat on their stomach, or they can hold a plank position. Then perform a burpee, jumping over them to the other side as you perform this exercise. The added challenge is jumping over them as opposed to jumping straight up in the air.

Pistol Squat

Pistol squats can be challenging, but with a partner, these exercises become a whole lot easier. Use your partner as support for these. Stand facing each other and join opposite hands, making sure you have a good grip. With one leg off the ground, squat into the sole leg planted firmly on the ground into a one-leg squat. You and your partner will both be performing the exercise and providing balance for each other.

Wheelbarrow Push-Up With Squat

This is an interesting exercise but one you both can have fun with. Your partner will be in a push-up position, but you will hold their ankles at about hip height. Your job is to hold them stable while also maintaining a good, solid squat position. At the same time you will both lower, your partner into a push-up and you into a squat, for your desired number of reps.

partner exercises

Bodyweight Squat

We had to put this in there because the bodyweight squat is a great exercise to perform (3). You can hold one hand to your partners or cross your arms and hold each opposite hand as you both engage in a squat position. With a tight core and flat back, both of you will lower into a squat and control the motion back up.

Side Plank With Rotation And Clap

Side planks can be brutal, but are perfect for your obliques as well as providing balance and promoting good posture (4). You and your partner will be back to back in an opposite arm side plank. Extend your arms at the top and clap hands with your partner, followed by you both rotating down and clapping your hands underneath each other. Keeping a good, stable core is key for this exercise.

Hand Stand Hold

Hand stands can be challenging but are fun exercises to perform for stability as well as using multiple muscles to keep yourself engaged. And you look good doing it! Have your partner help you into a hand stand position, or hop into it on your own if able, and hold for your desired amount of time. Your partner will stand next to you as back-up incase you start to lose your balance. Switch positions and let your partner show off a little.

Wrap Up

Working out with a partner is a great way to be accountable to yourself and someone else while promoting great growth, both physically and mentally. While it can be challenging to get a good workout in, having someone to help you, and someone you can help, can make these more fun and engaging as you seek that desired physique. Give these partner exercises a try and really see the benefits of a great workout.

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