Push ups for max gains.

Many bodybuilders out there understand that body weight movements can be beneficial to gains, yet many still choose to focus primarily on lifting weight. Not that there’s something wrong with that as any kind of resistance training is going to be beneficial to the body.

But if you’re looking to get ripped fast, build solid muscle, and get rid of stubborn body fat, you’ll be surprised to know that calisthenics can get you to where you need to go. In fact, you can get shredded by doing push ups alone. It’s all about how you’re performing your push ups that will make or break your success as far as getting into optimal shape.  Try out this push up workout by JaRon fit and watch your body fat melt away.

An important take away here is that form, not physique, is what best contributes to muscle growth. No matter how much weight you’re lifting or what special workout plan you’re following, the most critical part is to make sure you’re doing these in the correct way to maximize gains. Otherwise, you might think you’re working out one muscle group, but you could be relying on a completely different part of the body, and that would make for some pretty disappointing outcomes in the long term. Make sure you’re doing your pushups, and all your calisthenic exercises, in the correct form to maximize your muscular potential as an athlete.

What do you think of push ups for fat loss and muscle growth?

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