The Keto Diet: Bodybuilding vs Fat Burning

Bodybuilding Keto

Once again much like the weight loss program of keto, you’ll see your carb intake lowered, focusing primarily on fats and protein. But rather than consuming more fats over protein the process is flipped. You’ll still eat the fats in order to use the nutrient as an energy source, but this time the increased protein will promote more muscle growth. This is exactly the kind of keto that a bodybuilder should follow if their looking to make some lean, quality gains.


Whether you’re adhering to a weight loss program or you’re looking to make solid gains with keto, both diet programs are centered around the fact that your carb intake is going to be nonexistent if not significantly lowered. Carbs aren’t the devil nor is it your best friend. It’s a tool just like any of the other macronutrients. Eating starchy carbs while you’re on a keto diet will ultimately become counter productive. The idea of the diet is for an individual to get energy from fat and use it in order to shed fat off of the body. Eating carbs will block the body’s ability to enter into ketosis which is the whole point of the process. Whether you’re a bodybuilding or a just looking to shed fat, this is the one constant on both programs.

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