All the best bodybuilders and fitness athletes understand that once you’ve decided what muscles you are going to work and how you are going to work them, a more practical question enters the equation. Where do you work out? Not everyone has the time to drive to the gym every day or the money to plunk down for a monthly membership. So what do you do then? The answer is simple. Create a personalized workout zone at home.

Where to Work Out

Choose a room in your house where you know you won’t be interrupted and where you won’t disturb others. Basements are an ideal choice because of their seclusion and natural soundproofing. If you have the luxury of a spare room, take advantage of it. Soundproof the walls and stock the room with all the necessary gear. Dumbbells, a bench press and a treadmill are all staples of any home gym, but as you improve your strength you’ll want bigger and better machines to work out with.

Temperature is an important factor to consider. While some people swear that nothing beats sweating bullets during an extreme workout, plenty of others feel perfectly comfortable in a cooler environment. A middle ground temperature between 68 and 70 degrees is a smart move and will reduce your risk of overheating and passing out. Don’t worry; you’ll still get your sweat on if you’re truly working hard enough.

What to Work Out On

Go to any home supplies store and buy some padding. This will come into play when you’re doing crunches or other floor exercises. A large mat with a nonslip bottom is best, particularly if you’re working out in a room with a hardwood floor or tiling. Don’t have a mat or pad available? Just grab some thick towels from the bathroom and lay those down instead for now.

The Best Workout Music

Want to know the best part about working out at home instead of going to the gym? You can play whatever music you want, as loud as you want. (Of course, the volume might be an issue if you have neighbors but this is why you should choose a relatively secluded room or get some soundproofing.) Hook your iPod up to some speakers or – if you’re old school – keep a stereo in the room.

Once you’ve got some solid speakers that you can crank the jams on, choose what music you’re going to listen to. Whether it’s the abrasive energy of hardcore metal, the infectious rhythm of hip-hop or the steady pulse of electronic music, choose the style or genre you know will motivate you to work hard. When your body is shaking and begging you to quit, what do you need your soundtrack to be to push you through those moments?

The Ultimate Workout Zone

Make sure you have a few essential items handy in your home gym. A towel or cloth is a good item to keep around, especially if you’ll be sweating on your equipment. Also keep a glass of water or a water bottle nearby so you stay hydrated.

No need to worry about locker rooms or public bathrooms when you’re working out at home. Just hop into the shower, wash up and you’re good to go. Now you can relax with the knowledge that your ultimate workout zone is right in the next room waiting for you to push yourself even further tomorrow.

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