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Slow-mo replay.

There’s a reason why many bodybuilders enjoy the sport of weightlifting, whether it’s powerlifting or Olympic lifting. It’s a sport that essentially is the cousin to bodybuilding for one reason and one reason only: weightlifting. While the average person may look at the sport as simply a bunch of bulky men and women lifting a bunch of weight over their heads, the reality is that weightlifting is a true art form. You can’t just go to a loaded barbell, lift it over your head and call yourself a professional bodybuilder. You have to have form and technique to not only pull off the movements, but do so without injuring yourself in the process.

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Breaking world records seems to be a big trend when it comes to lifting these days. It used to be that most competitions would feature those at the top of their game putting up incredible numbers, but never really breaking records on a constant basis. Much like sprinting, weightlifting sports are filled with athletes looking to not only improve upon their own achievements, but surpass those that have come before them as well. For the rare few that do break world records, the responsibility is on them as to whether or not they want to surpass their achievements or simply rest on their laurels.

There’s been a lot of powerlifting and strongman records being broken as of late – and sometimes to the outsider it might not look that impressive at all. You see them lift up one rep and then… boom! Everyone is going nuts. It may be short and sweet but that doesn’t change the amazing power and strength that went into those short few seconds. Let’s bring a little more appreciation back – in honor of all the record breaking lifters out there – here’s a video that slows down an epic Clean and Jerk record breaking lift. We dare you not to get motivated after watching this:

Ilya Ilyin is a man who appears never to be fully satisfied with his achievements. He already has an Olympic Gold Medal to his name, setting the record for the clean and jerk in the 2012 London Olympics. Despite that, the lifter appears to have the desire and ambition to outdo his prior achievements. The Kazakhstani weightlifter would end up breaking his own world record 233 kg clean and jerk at the world championships, lifting an impressive 242 kg clean and jerk, the new world record.

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