3 INBA PNBA Athletes Picked to Appear in Upcoming Bodybuilding Movie Starring Kristen Stewart: “Love Lies Bleeding”

3 INBA PNBA athletes appearing in bodybuilding movie
Images via Instagram @ire_lifestylefitness and @bethwhitemedina

3 INBA PNBA athletes will be featured in an upcoming bodybuilding movie starring Kristen Stewart: “Love Lies Bleeding”

The film studio producing the upcoming release of the movie Love Lies Bleeding reached out to the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA), looking for high-quality athletes to appear in their film: Love Lies Bleeding. This film stars the damsel in distress with vampires vying for her affection–Kristen Stewart from The Twilight Saga. Ed Harris and Dave Franco are also set to join Stewart to star. According to IMDb, the movie is “a romance fueled by ego, desire, and the American dream.”

The flick will feature three INBA PNBA athletes: Alondra Chatman, Ire Wardlaw, and Beth White-Medina. Alondra Chatman released a statement on Instagram to inform the natural bodybuilding community and express her gratitude. Chatman stated:

“When it’s been said that things can change in an instant… today I am living proof! As a contracted athlete with the @inbapnbaglobal_official @ironmanmagazineand @generationiron, they pledge to provide opportunities for us natural athletes to get our names and faces out there more publicly.

Well, yesterday with a few short phone calls and a quick check of my schedule, I hopped on a plane to New Mexico and am currently on set with @ire_lifestylefitness and @bethwhitemedina amongst a few other female bodybuilders doing what I love for a major movie production. ???????? Such an amazing opportunity! And super proud to represent Natural Bodybuilding again on the big screen.”

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INBA PNBA Athlete Opportunities

The INBA PNBA is the most prominent natural bodybuilding organization and is in constant pursuit of giving its natural athletes outstanding professional opportunities. For example, they sign PNBA athletes to multi-media contracts with the INBA PNBA, Iron Man Magazine, and Generation Iron. One of those athletes is on set for Love Lies Bleeding 2x Natural Olympia Figure champ, Alondra Chatman. 

Multi-media contracts are built to give natural bodybuilding athletes an opportunity for professional growth. Each contract offers athletes brand building (social media posts, write-ups, photoshoots), guest appearances, posing, and seminar sessions. And they’ll get Iron Man Magazine nutrition ads and endorsements. To land a contract, though, INBA PNBA athletes must be in good standing with the league and agree to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) drug testing guidelines. 

The INBA PNBA said multi-media contracts are “an opportunity for a natural bodybuilding athlete to acquire renown and recognition in the sport of natural bodybuilding, exploiting association’s promotional campaign via the Iron Man Magazine, news and events, and the Generation Iron platform.” 

Bodybuilding and Movies 

As natural bodybuilding and the INBA PNBA continue to grow, natural athletes on the silver screen may become more mainstream. INBA PNBA athletes aren’t the first to take up movie roles. Bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in many movie roles, including starring in The Terminator franchise. In addition, another prominent International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro bodybuilder Kai Greene has also picked up acting, among other forms of art. 

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