Pre-Order Kai Greene Documentary ‘Kai’ | On Digital August 26, 2022

Kai – The Official Kai Greene Documentary Is Now Available For Pre-Order. Releases August 26, 2022.

The official life story biopic documentary of Kai Greene, Kai, is now available to pre-order on digital. The film is set to release on all major digital platforms on August 26, 2022. News of the official Kai movie pre-order and release date come after the release of the teaser trailer earlier in July. The film will be the only authorized deep dive into the entire life of Kai Greene – including never before seen footage throughout his career. You can pre-order “Kai” the movie today on the official Kai landing page.

Kai Greene is one of the biggest modern day legends in the sport of bodybuilding. Known also as The Predator and The People’s Champ – he was the only competitor who could challenge Phil Heath’s Olympia reign. Their legendary rivalry is filled with tense moments of battling on stage that to this day has yet to be replicated. Now years after his retirement, fans can finally get an all-access feature film revealing the entire life story of Kai Greene.

Beyond his legendary status, Kai Greene is also known for his poetic artistry in both his actions and most certainly his words. His philosophical way of speaking has often shrouded Kai’s past in mystery. When discussing his childhood – including his time in juvenile detention and his later stint as a male exotic dancer – Kai’s cryptic and vague phrasing has prevented a true clear picture to form.

“Kai” will be the first direct dive into his past including his traumatic childhood, his early years as an exotic dancer, natural bodybuilder, and well into his star-studded pro bodybuilding career and rivalry with Phil Heath.

Fellow bodybuilding stars will also appear in the film such as Victor Martinez, Rich Gaspari, Mike O’Hearn, and long time rival Phil Heath. The film will mark the first direct interview with Phil about Kai Greene since their time competing together on stage.

Kai Official Synopsis

Kai Greene is one of the biggest modern day legends in bodybuilding both on and off the stage. He’s an athlete, an artist, an actor, and an entrepreneur. But his journey to greatness first started in childhood – when he chose bodybuilding as a form of survival.  Growing up in Brooklyn without parents and later locked up in a juvenile correctional facility, bodybuilding became Kai’s source of hope that eventually took him to stardom.

Later in life Kai became one of the most recognizable faces in the fitness industry, praised by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. His talent was only matched by one singular opponent, his rival and Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath.

Now witness Kai Greene’s story of survival and climb to success in the first ever all-access documentary chronicling his life and career into the sport of bodybuilding and beyond.

Pre-Order Kai Today

After an early summer tease, Generation Iron Network has finally announced the official release date for Kai. The film will launch on all major digital platforms on August 26, 2022. In less than a month, you’ll be able to see inside the mind, heart, and soul of one of the most enigmatic modern bodybuilding legends.

The film will be available on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand. Head over to the official Kai landing page to pre-order today and be the first to watch Kai.

Kai Greene Movie Pre-Order

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