King Kamali shares his thoughts on Hunter Labrada’s Tampa Pro physique and his future at the Mr. Olympia.

Earlier this month, the Tampa Pro 2020 was held to much anticipation. This was the first major bodybuilding show to commence since the massive shut downs and postponements due to COVID-19. The big highlight of the evening was Hunter Labrada winning first place in Men’s Open and qualifying for the Mr. Olympia. It was his first pro show. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, King Kamali gives his honest opinion on Hunter Labrada’s physique and what his future will hold at the Mr. Olympia. 

Hunter Labrada has been the talk of the bodybuilding community ever since his showing at the Tampa Pro 2020. Not only did he win first place and qualify for the Mr. Olympia, but it was also his first ever pro show. Many have already applauded his stellar physique and are keen to see how he progresses going forward. Can he be the next big thing in pro bodybuilding?

We decided to pull in one former pro bodybuilder who never holds back on his opinions. During our recent video conversation with King Kamali, we asked the King what his thoughts were on Labrada. Not only did he answer, but he also gave us a detailed breakdown of what he expects to see from Labrada moving forward.

King Kamali agrees with the overall fanfare, Hunter Labrada brought some great conditioning and an impressive physique to the stage. King had no doubt that Labrada deserved to win that first place title. The only negative critique he had was that he doesn’t think Labrada, or any of the other competitors on stage, brought the “wow” factor. There’s no denying that Labrada brought an amazing package – but King Kamali believes it will be a whole different ball game at the Olympia.

King Kamali goes on to say that the real test of Hunter Labrada’s skill will come when he steps on stage with the other greats at the Mr. Olympia. What will Labrada look like standing next to Dexter Jackson? Or Phil Heath? Video and photo comparisons are fun but it’s truly impossible to see the whole picture until they are all physically on stage together.

Regardless of what ultimately happens, for a first ever pro show, this was an incredible appearance by Hunter Labrada. It shows an athlete with incredible promise for a superstar future on the pro bodybuilding stage.

You can check out King Kamali’s full comments on Hunter Labrada and the Tampa Pro 2020 in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment.

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