IFBB Tampa Pro 2020 Bodybuilding Show Results

With many people stuck indoors and thirsty for things to get back to normal, the Tampa Pro 2020 is a welcome distraction from current events this weekend. With some major names on attendance, it’s the first high profile bodybuilding show since March.

The official IFBB Tampa Pro 2020 results have finally come in and IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada has won the Men’s Open Division. See who landed in the top spots and check out the full results below.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Hunter Labrada
2. Iain Valliere
3. Dwayne Walker
4. Phillip Clathar
5. Ronald Gordon
6. Dorian

Women’s Bodybuilding Results

1. LaDawn McDay
2. Janeen Lankowski
3. Maria Flores
4. Hailey McGrath
5. Pamela Hannam
6. Michelle Brent

Men’s Physique Results

1. Andre Ferguson
2. Anthony Gilkes
3. RaShaud Watson
4. Corey Morris
5. Daniel Ammons
6. Charjo Grant

Women’s Physique Results

1. Ivie Rhein
2. Jeannie Feldman
3. Sherry Priami
4. Christina Bitner
5. Trish Wood
6. Ashlynn Richardson

Classic Physique Results

1. Deontrai Campbell
2. Divine Master
3. Chris Hunte
4. Jose Marte
5. Ronald Galup
6. Jason Theobald

Men’s 212 Results

1. George Peterson
2. Dectric Bo Lewis
3. Derik Oslan
4. Aaron Clark
5. Kevin Johnson
6. Adam Young

Fitness Results

1. Ariel Khadr
2. Darrian Borello
3. Molly McCracken
4. Terra Plum
5. Debbie Fowler
6. Michelle Gales

Figure Results

1. LaToyia Farley
2. Sandra Grajales
3. Donya Jackson
4. Danielle Yablin Rose
5. Raquel Clarke
6. Stacy Fujarski

Wellness Results

1. Renee
2. Kessia Mirellys
3. Casey Delong
4. Trish Wood
5. Allison Schmohl
6. Lisa Ward

Bikini Results

1. Jennifer Dorie
2. Jen Ronzitti
3. Ashlyn Brown
4. Brittany Dayne
5. Romina Basualdo
6. Lauren Dannenmiller



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