Lee Priest Calls For Bodybuilders To “Get Off Your Ass And Compete” During The Year: ‘You Wonder Why This Sport Is Looked At As Pathetic’

Lee Priest calls for bodybuilders to compete over the course of the year.
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Lee Priest calls out bodybuilders who do not compete over the course of the year.

Lee Priest is a bodybuilding veteran who became known for his insane work ethic in the gym and on stage. Now, he seems to be disgusted with the lack of competition over the course of the year in the sport of bodybuilding.

Despite there being a plethora of bodybuilding shows leading up to the Olympia, many big names, and even newcomers, with Pro Cards are not competing. Priest discussed this in a recent YouTube video and called out bodybuilders for this. He also claims that is is ruining the sport itself.

“You wonder why this sport is looked at as being pretty pathetic and a joke with lazy c*nts who won’t get off your ass and compete.

The IFBB should make you f*cking compete. That’s for sure. Get off your f*cking asses and do it. Like I said, you get pretty pathetic. Real pathetic.”


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Priest referenced the Orlando Pro as a show that would not require much travel for competitors in America.

“Even there, the names were from Europe. You have Americans with Pro Cards living in America. You don’t have to travel far and you’re not doing a show?”

“When I was turning Pro, guys were turning Pro in their mid-20s. Now guys are in their 30s. Guess what? Time is going to f*cking run out. I got to sit back, no. You compete as much as you can.”

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Lee Priest Believes Competing Should Be Mandatory After Earning Pro Card

Since retiring from competition, Lee Priest has not been shy about sharing his opinions on the sport of bodybuilding. Following the 2023 Olympia, Priest criticized organizers for many things, including ignoring competitors. Now, he is taking aim at competitors themselves.

Of course, there are bodybuilders who waste no time getting on stage. “Neckzilla” Mosquera is the perfect example of that. He earned his Pro Card during the 2023 Prague Pro Amateur and took the stage in Men’s Open the next day. He is also preparing to compete during the Arnold Classic.

This is what Priest believes all competitors must be forced to do once they earn their Pro Cards.

“What needs to happen, Bob Cicherilo if you’re listening, if you get a Pro Card, you should have to compete at least 2-3 times a year because another thing that comes up, yes because the prize money sucks.

The promoters should help. The promoters need to sell tickets and everything else, whether it be pay-per-view and the only way to do that is to get some big names in these shows.”


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Priest went onto criticize certain competitors motivation and goals.

“They are giving out too many Pro Cards. The Pro feels watered down. People just get it now to put on their Instagrams and Facebook, such and such IFBB Pro.”

The bodybuilding season culminates each year during the Olympia and this is the ultimate goal for all competitors. According to Lee Priest, this does not mean that they should forget the rest of the competitive season.

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