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Flex Wheeler in the Hospital After Suffering Unbearable Pain, Ronnie Coleman Gives Support

Flex Wheeler is back in the hospital. Flex Wheeler is no stranger to adversity. The veteran bodybuilder has dealt with a myriad of different health...

Flex Wheeler Does Leg Day Training With New Prosthetic Leg

Flex Wheeler is training legs like a pro with his prosthetic leg. Bodybuilding can be a truly taxing endeavor. It requires a tremendous amount of...

Flex Wheeler Vows to Walk Again, Shows Great Improvement With Prosthetic Leg

Flex Wheeler is making some great progress with his new prosthetic leg. Losing a limb is something most people don't have to think about. For...

Former Olympia Promoter Wayne DeMilia Reveals How Flex Wheeler Lost His Kidney

Wayne DeMilia recounts Flex Wheeler suffering kidney failure. The nature of bodybuilding brings with it a great deal of positives. Not only does a promote...

Flex Wheeler Reveals Never Before Seen Graphic Photo of Amputated Leg

Flex Wheeler reveals graphic photos. Flex Wheeler has gone through a lot in the last couple of years. The legendary bodybuilder made a tremendous comeback...
Flex Wheeler Comeback Documentary Generation Ironvideo

Flex Wheeler: The Comeback

Flex. Wheeler. Is. Back. With majority of the world stuck at home due to social distancing measures - there's no better time than ever to...
Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler Reveals Lost Gains Due to Recent Health Issues

Flex Wheeler has lost more than his right leg. Flex Wheeler has certainly gone through a lot in the last several months. The legendary bodybuilder...
Flex Wheeler Leg Amputation Generation Iron

NSFW: Flex Wheeler Shares Video of Open Leg Wound Before Amputation

This isn’t for the faint of heart. The recent news of Flex Wheeler having to amputate the lower part of his right leg came as...

Flex Wheeler Battles Through Nerve Damage, Hits the Gym to Train Back

Flex Wheeler once again battles through the odds. Flex Wheeler has gone through a considerable amount over the past several months. It appears that his...
Flex Wheeler Compares Eras Bodybuilding Generation Iron

Flex Wheeler Gives His Own Opinions on Modern Versus Old School Eras

Flex Wheeler weighs in on the notion of old school versus new school. Flex Wheeler is a true legend of bodybuilding, a man who helped...



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