Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, and Milos Sarcev Share Thoughts On PEDs In Bodybuilding

Chris Cormier

Some of the best minds in bodybuilding decided to discuss the impact of PEDs in the sport.

The sport of bodybuilding has been hit hard by a string of deaths over the last year. This has caused some of the biggest names in the sport to speak out on different issues. Recently, the trio of Flex Wheeler, Milos Sarcev, and Chris Cormier got together for an interview to discuss PEDs in bodybuilding along with the deaths that have hit the sport hard.

The deaths of 2018 Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden and George Peterson hit the bodybuilding world hard at the end of 2021. In April, Cedric McMillan tragically passed away and this continued talk of how to better the sport overall.

In a recent interview with Muscle & Fitness, the three great bodybuilding minds were asked what they think is going on in bodybuilding and would could be done to make it better moving forward.

Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler is one of the top bodybuilders of all-time and continues to be an influential voice in the sport. During this conversation, he discussed how the use of different drugs has changed since his days on stage.

“Parabolan was our go-to drug. You can take it for extensive times, it didn’t have any heart damage and it didn’t have all these crazy side-effects like Tren. With Tren you can only run it for four weeks and then you have to get off. Flex said. I’m like ‘why?’ And they say because it’s toxic and I’m like ‘what!’. There were some things back in our day that you knew that you could only take this for 2-3 weeks and then you have to get off.”

Wheeler continued by stating that people are not as interested in the workout plan and diet of the athletes anymore. They are focused about hearing about their cycle.

“I think it’s obvious that it’s more of a drug world now. Because we traveled the world, and what was some of the first questions we get from all around the world: “What drugs do you take?” It’s not about back in our era when we were going to seminars, we want to know about their diets and training.”

Chris Cormier

Chris Cormier started off the conversation by discussing heart health of bodybuilders nowadays. He believes that there is too much stress on the heart due to the overall size of bodybuilders and the work that they have to put in.

“These guys are pushing a lot more, not how it is in the gym, but they’re putting a lot more stress on the heart. I feel like these bodybuilders are way bigger than what they were.

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I just feel like pay close attention to that heart. You’re pumping it and putting a lot of stress on the heart. I feel like that’s going to be the biggest thing, is wise guys, you’ve been pumping for a lot of years.”

Since McMillan passed away, there has been an emphasis on heart health and Cormier believes this is the problem today.

Milos Sarcev

Last week, Charles Glass spoke on the dangers of drugs today because bodybuilders do not know what they are taking. There are counterfeit drugs out there being pawned off as something that they are not.

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Milos Sarcev backed up this notion with his recent comments during this interview. This is becoming a growing problem in bodybuilding and it is dangerous for all involved.

“Back in the 90s, it was pharmaceutical grade. You get something that is from the pharmacy. You know what you’re taking. Now, it’s underground, god knows. Like Chris said, you have some names that you can’t even pronounce.

There are many issues that athletes believe need to be fixed when it comes to bodybuilding and PEDs are at the forefront. It will be interesting to see if these problems can be fixed and the overall health of the competitors can improve.

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