Could Robert Timms Be The Future Of The Classic Physique Division?

Mr. Classic Physique could prove to one day be a dominant champion.

After a year of speculation and discussion the Classic Physique made it’s much anticipated debut at the 2016 Olympia. While many, GI included, thought that Sadik Hadzovic would prove to be the winner in the newly minted division, Danny Hester came along and changed the script. It was a major win for Hester. There aren’t many people who can say they are the first and Danny Hester has been bestowed that lofty title. But the division is still new and contenders are always going to be popping up. Sadik and the others in the division still have room to grow and will likely do so in the near future. But there’s one competitor in particular could truly prove to be the underdog who takes over the entire division.

We’ve talked about “Mr. Classic Physique” Robert Timms a number of times on the website. Timms is a competitor with tremendous potential, one that could one day find himself in the championship position when all is said and done. Robert Timms trains with a dedication of a champion and made no excuse as he came in at sixth place at the Olympia. If anything it’s given him motivation to strive and push to succeed. Timms already showed off an impressive physique and still has a ton of room to grow into his full potential. Check out Robert Timms’ Instagram post that shows just what kind of potential he possesses.

Thanks are in order for making this event and journey possible first off thank the lord That I have the mental fortitude and strength to do this day in and day out without injury or pain #blessed . Second my amazing girlfriend @jessiekeller24 Who makes sure I’m on track and constantly supports me on the daily thank you and I love you #blessed . To my amazing coach, friend, mentor and big brother @bigdjames If you don’t know Dennis you would just think he is a trainer and motivator but if you do you know he is much more than that, he is a MAN and those are very rare these days because he tells it like it is and won’t sugar coat it he is 100% honest with me and in this sport that is what you need hence the reason I made it to this stage so DJ thank you #blessed Lastly family,friends and fans, scratch that we will just go with family you guys are the biggest support of all y’all go crazy when something doesn’t go in the way of your favorite athlete and we all as athletes appreciate every bit of the support you show y’all are the real MVP’s. @ifbb_official thank you for the opportunity to grace such a prestigious stage with the best athletes in the world????????. I gave it a shot it was fun and I did my best, I did what I wanted which was being a better package than I did last time this whole game is about progress.. It’s part of the journey 6th place in my first #mrolympia2016 .Which I made it starting from an amateur January so people keep asking me if I’m mad…Nope not at all I appreciate the fact that people enjoy seeing me change and appreciate my physique but you know I’m a working man and work is what will be needed to make me even better…Ill be up there next year believe me….. Now it’s gym time!!! Oh you thought I was taking time off when have you known me to do that????????????????. #classicphysique #motivation #fit #fitness #gymlife #instafitness #gym #trainhard #eatclean #grow #focus #dedication #strength #ripped #swole #fitnessgear #muscle #shredded #squat #classicphysique

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