wolverine2#21. THE WOLVERINE (JAMES MANGOLD, 2013)

Yesterday’s post featured Arnold as Terminator, but today we focus on a different kind of unstoppable killing machine – Wolverine. Not only is this guy jacked, he has bones made of the strongest metal known to man. He also has self healing abilities making him absolutely unstoppable, able to push his body to the highest extremes without fear of dying.

Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine for his sixth time, but this is definitely the strongest he has ever gotten for an X-men role. To prepare, he contacted Dwayne Johnson for advice on packing on muscle. Johnson told him that he could gain a pound per week over six months by eating 6,000 calories a day of “an awful lot of chicken, steak, and brown rice.”

For his shirtless scenes, Jackman wanted to look as ripped as possible. So he took on a dehydration diet where he didn’t drink any liquid for 36 hours before filming. This allowed him to achieve the exaggerated muscle definition needed to fully bring Wolverine to life on screen. Even Jackman himself was pleased, stating that this film was the only time he achieved the physique that he always wanted for the role.

On top of all that muscle, Wolverine also has those bad ass claws that shoot out of his knuckles. And boy does he show them off in this movie. Being summoned to Japan, Wolverine gets to prove all his chops – clashing claw vs. sword against a deadly gang of samurai assassins. Every enemy he encounters finds a quick and violent death, making this the darkest outing Wolverine has had to date. Out of all the X-men films, Wolverine has never looked more animalistic, powerful, and pure straight up scary.


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