Neil Yoda Hill announces that he will be officially training Big Ramy.

It was shocking news a few months ago when we found out that Big Ramy was making some major shake ups. He was leaving Kuwait and dropping his trainer after a lackluster showing at the Olympia 2018. The big question became who would be his new trainer?

Well, the wait was much shorter than expected and we have official news from Neil Yoda Hill that he will be officially training Big Ramy into the Mr. Olympia 2019. Will he be able to do what others have not – and bust past Big Ramy’s conditioning problem to make him one of the greatest bodybuilders currently competing? Can he turn Big Ramy into an Olympia champion? We have about a year to find out… but we’ll keep our eyes out for any new updates as they develop. In the meantime check out the official announcement on this video compiled by Williams Fitness above.

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