The Incredible Hulk is back and spreading joy to children!

Kids love superheroes and at a certain young age might actually believe these superheroes are actually real. Just like Santa or the Easter Bunny. That’s why actors and celebrities have been dressing up as their characters and visiting children’s hospitals for years – it spreads joy to kids who are facing a lot of hard times.

So it’s wonderful to see bodybuilder Bruno Moraes paint himself from head to toe in green, rip his jeans, and become the Incredible Hulk for a day. Bruno visited a children’s hospital decked out as The Hulk to spread smiles across young kids who got to see their favorite superhero in the flesh.

It’s heartwarming, it’s funny, and it’s the perfect blend of bodybuilding and good will to bring some happiness to you all this holiday season. Check it out compiled here by Williams Fitness above!

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