Speeding up the long haul to muscle mass.

One of the biggest reasons why people quit the gym is because they are impatient. They hit the gym for a month or so and don’t see any MASSIVE changes, get discouraged, and then give up. Now we know that’s not YOU. If you’re on this site you’re a lifer and a lover of weightlifting, fitness, and bodybuilding. But that doesn’t change the fact that in this high speed information digital world… we are all a little more impatient than we should be.

That’s why Vinsanity Shred put together this video to show you how to help speed up the process of gaining muscle mass. This isn’t a cheat mind you – it’s just some tips that might be overlooked by some to help dial your workouts up to 11 and show a little extra oomph in your body transformation. Tired of not seeing any gains? Check out this video above.

Strength Wars Movie
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