Mitchell Hooper Attempts Fitness Runner-Up Taylor Learmont’s Offseason Workout

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Former World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper decided to train like a Fitness bodybuilder.

Mitchell Hooper is one of the top Strongmen in the world right now. When he is not preparing for a competition, the former World’s Strongest Man has challenged himself with other fitness routines. Recently, this included the offseason workout of Fitness Olympia runner-up Taylor Learmont.

“Today, we are going to go through the workout of a 120-pound offseason IFBB pro, second at the Olympia in the Fitness division. We’re going to learn how they do their cardio, how they do their strength.”

It was quite a year for Hooper in 2023. He began with a victory at the Arnold Strongman Classic. Hooper followed it up with a win during the Rogue Invitational and highlighted the season by being crowned 2023 World’s Strongest Man. On top of it all, he has kept his social media in a good place with entertaining videos. This includes training like an Olympic Weightlifter and hitting an ‘American Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course.

Mitchell Hooper was candid about his mental health struggles
Mitchell Hooper was candid about his mental health struggles

Taylor Learmont’s Chest & Arms Workout

Taylor Learmont impressed in her first Olympia competition in 2023. The Fitness division is made up of incredible athletes that show off a special blend of athleticism, endurance, and strength during their routines.

This is not the first time that Hooper and Learmont teamed up for a workout. Learmont led Hooper through her offseason workout and it began with chest.

“It’s usually chest and something else. It will be about four or five movements of just chest stuff. I don’t have anything by itself other than legs.”


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The duo hit four chest movements, including two supersets with pushups, before moving onto arms. Learmont admitted that this is not the favorite part of her split and focuses on biceps since they are the smaller part of her arm.

“Arms is probably my least favorite. I find it super boring but usually because my biceps are smaller than my triceps, I have to do more biceps, which is unfortunate because I find it really boring.”

The session ended with some routine work as Taylor Learmont led the former WSM champ through stretching and prep that she uses to build her dance-based routine.

For Mitchell Hooper, this experience was much different than he is used to but he was able to power through and adapt to a new environment.

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