Bodybuilding Champion Xisco Serra Has Passed Away At 50

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Xisco Serra died years after battling skin cancer from natural causes.

Majorcan bodybuilding champion Xisco Serra has passed away at 50 years old. Multiple reports claim his death is from natural causes but that Serra had been dealing with stomach problems recently.

In 2016, Serra was diagnosed with skin cancer. He spoke about his battle in an online biography following the diagnosis.

“After several months of tests, operations and medication that leave me far from the appearance of a bodybuilder, this is the biggest of my battles to win against this disease and although there are hard moments when you think about throwing in the towel, you want to be strong to overcome all the bumps not only physical, but especially mental.”

Serra left an impact on the fitness world and his hometown as well. He owned a gym in his Majorcan town of Alcudia called XS Fitness. Many people traveled to attend his gym and work with Serra individually. He also trained many athletes online.


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The Career Of Xisco Serra

Xisco Serra gained a passion for fitness at a young age. He graduated with a degree in Sports Science and used it to open a gym and become a trainer. First, he achieved his dream of becoming a champion bodybuilder.

At 16 years old, Serra began lifting weights in the gym. This turned into a career that spanned three decades and featured 90 appearances on stage.

In 2011, Serra was crowned Mr. World IBFA in Rome. Just three years later, he won the same competition in the 40-plus category. Serra was also voted Musclebeach Champion in 2014 during a competition in Venice, California.

During his career and in his retirement from competition, Serra built up his social media presence, including an Instagram page that has over 28,000 followers. Many who knew Serra enjoyed working with him because of his overall knowledge but most importantly, his personality.

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