Despite not competing at the Olympia 2019, Phil Heath claims he never left.

Now that the Olympia 2019 is over, Phil Heath fans have been begging for confirmation of a comeback of the 7x Mr. Olympia champion. Will Phil Heath compete at Mr. Olympia 2020? Ever since Phil Heath’s loss in 2018, we have yet to get any official confirmation about anything. He’s never officially retired but he also never officially said when he’ll compete again.

So while we don’t have anything specific in our latest update from Phil Heath – his latest video update can at least calm fans down who might fear he will never come back. In Phil’s latest video posted on social media, he jokingly complains about the constant demand for a comeback from fans. Why? Because according to Heath he “never left.”

As per his own words, Phil Heath never announced a retirement and of course from the footage we’ve seen throughout 2019, Phil has also been staying consistent with keeping his physique in good standing. So the question is no longer if he’ll comeback but when he’ll exactly come back. It’s a safe bet to assume he’ll compete at the 2020 Mr. Olympia, but what competition will he jump into beforehand in order to get qualified? Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement sooner rather than later.

Fazi Fitness has compiled Phil Heath’s video update in his latest video which you can watch above. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.


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