William Bonac posted an impassioned video revealing he has fired Neil Hill and stating “You rip off and do nothing!”

William Bonac has blown up what would otherwise be just a small bit of news. Bonac has released a video stating that he has fired his trainer Neil Hill. But what makes this firing something from mildly interesting to potentially viral is that Bonac gets very riled up in the video and claims that Neil Hill is a complete rip off.

Content partner Williams Fitness has compiled the full social media video in the clip above so you can hear the entire rant. Check it out here:

Are these accusations true? Or was Neil Hill just not a good fit for Bonac? The story is still developing and we will surely have Neil Hill’s side of the story very soon. In the meantime, Generation Iron’s very own Nick Trigili breaks down the entire developing story and gives his opinion on if this was the right move so close to Olympia 2019.


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