Andre Ferguson explains in detail his growing feud with Brandon Hendrickson.

A CONVERSATION WITH ANDRE FERGUSON – is a five part sit down interview with Andre after his explosive win at the Arnold Classic 2018 and his controversial beef with Brandon Hendrickson that made waves on the internet. In an industry that often plays by the rules, it’s rare to see a competitor so outspoken with no filter. And Andre lets it all out in this sit down interview! New episodes air every Wednesday!

Not long after the Arnold Classic 2018, Andre Ferguson and Brandon Hendrickson got into a pretty ugly internet feud. This wasn’t your traditional trash talk – this was fierce and dirty and ignited the bodybuilding community. It’s no surprise that later in the year at the recent Olympia 2018 press conference, Andre and Brandon got into another intense verbal fight. It was one of the highlights from the press conference.

So the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Part 3 of our conversation with Andre Ferguson. Though this interview occurred long before the Olympia, it dives headfirst into the details about Andre’s feud with Brandon. Andre takes us blow by blow through how this all started and how he feels vindicated in his actions. We may have all seen this blow up on the internet – but now you can know the details behind the scenes from Andre’s point of view… and learn the truth (as he sees it) of why this rivalry became so nasty.

Check out part 3 of A Conversation With Andre Ferguson above!

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