King Kamali touches on Women’s Bodybuilding and drug testing in the sport.

A CONVERSATION WITH KING KAMALI – is a four part sit down interview with King Kamali – a bodybuilder who has ensnared the industry with his candid and sometimes controversial statements about the current state of the sport. Kamali discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his past bodybuilding career, the future of the sport, and the current hot topics in bodybuilding today. New episodes air every Friday!

At the Mr. Olympia 2019, it was announced that Women’s Bodybuilding would be making a return to the Olympia stage. While this interview with King Kamali was conducted before this announcement – the conversation here revolving around the division remains an important one. The Olympia seems to be taking steps to bring Women’s Bodybuilding back into the fold – but will they make the same mistakes that we’ve seen in the past?

Vlad Yudin and King Kamali sit down in part three of our four part interview series to discuss why Women’s Bodybuilding fell to the wayside in the first place and what kind of issues the judges need to address in setting the standard for Women’s Bodybuilding physiques. King Kamali also touches upon the other side of Women’s Bodybuilding. In his opinion, the fans who watch Women’s Bodybuilding are more into it as a fetish than thinking about it as a real sport. Of course, this is just one opinion but it’s one that King Kamali holds strongly in as he explains his position in this episode.

King Kamali also discusses the drug testing conversation that sparked when Arnold Schwarzenegger made a public call for the pro leagues to take drug testing seriously. In King Kamali’s opinion – this will kill the sport. People want the freaks and if that goes away then so will the fans. He also believes another outcome can happen which is that the sport will actually become less healthy as athletes try and find different ways to still enhance their physiques with PEDs while also avoiding failing the drug test.

You can check it all out in this week’s episode of A Conversation With King Kamali above!

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