Andrew Jacked Drops Out Of The Arnold Classic USA And UK

Bodybuilder Andrew Jacked Drops Out Arnold Classic 2024
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Pro bodybuilder Andrew Jacked pulls out of the Arnold Classic just seven weeks before the event

In a unexpected announcement, Andrew Jacked has confirmed that he will no longer be competing at both the Arnold Classic USA and UK. The announcement, made via Jacked’s official Instagram page, is a major shift for the Men’s Open competitor who has been a rising star in the division over the past two years, being a top contender in the recent Mr. Olympia contest and really showing off some insane muscle mass and conditioning.

Full Name: Chinedu Andrew Obieka (Men’s Open Bodybuilder)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
266 lbs 6’2″ 1985
Division Era Nationality
Men’s Open Bodybuilding 2020 Nigerian

The decision comes as a shock to many fans of the sport, considering Andrew’s status as a crowd favorite and a strong contender for the coveted Arnold Classic title. The USA leg of the Arnold Classic competition is scheduled for February 29 – March 3rd 2024, making his absence a somewhat last minute and significant blow to the event’s prestige.

You can check out Andrew Jacked’s official announcement below:

In his Instagram post, Andrew cited multiple pressing commitments demanding his attention, making it challenging to focus on his competition preparation. While he did not detail what these commitment or life events are – he emphasized that he would not be able to put in the proper prep desired in order to bring his best package to the stage. That being said, we do understand that you need to be dialed in 100% and be able to devote everything to your training and diet have a successful prep.

He expressed his reluctance to participate without giving it his full dedication, stating,

“I don’t want to go there anything short of 100%. I just don’t want to make up the numbers nor get placings if not for the win.”

Having enjoyed a successful 2023 season with victories at the Texas Pro, a fifth-place finish at the 2023 Mr. Olympia, and a third-place ranking at the Arnold Classic USA, Andrew Jacked’s absence will undoubtedly leave a void in this year’s Arnold Classic competitions. He is a large competitor, standing taller than most bodybuilders, but still packs on some serious muscle.

The Arnold Classic UK, in particular, will be without its defending champion, as Andrew claimed the title back in 2022. With only eight competitors left in the lineup, speculation arises about the potential participation of 2022 Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan, who could be a top contender if he decides to step in.

Choopan’s social media silence regarding the Arnold Classic has added an air of mystery to the upcoming competitions, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments to see if he will be on the list of competitors. The absence of these prominent figures sets the stage for an unpredictable and highly competitive 2024 Arnold Classic season, something that will truly captivate the fans.

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