Antoine Vaillant talks about combating his drug addiction.

Drug addiction is something that afflicts countless individuals around the globe. It’s one of those issues that everyone has been touched by in same way, shape or form during some time in their life. Whether they have dealt with a family member or friend suffering from drug addiction or have faced addiction themselves, it’s truly a terrible and daunting issue to combat.

While it isn’t something readily discussed in the bodybuilding realm, there are some individuals willing to tackle the issue of drug addiction. One such individual is Antoine Vaillant.

A competitor with a ton of upside, Antoine Vaillant is at the top of his game these days. He’s been looking truly impressive in his preparation for the Toronto Pro and could easily find himself on the Olympia stage later this year.

But things weren’t always so great for Antoine Vaillant. He was addicted to drugs at one point in his life and was able to overcome his demons and combat his addiction.

Check out the video as Antoine Vaillant discusses his battle with drug addiction, how he overcame his struggles, and how he’s staying clean.

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