Jeff Nippard gives a science based approach to training triceps.

Building up shredded and well muscled arms can be a tough task for some individuals. It requires the right amount of stimulus to the muscle through hard training and dedication to nutrition. There are those who don’t fully understand the right exercises needed to build great looking arms.

Firstly, the secret to building up great arms is to focus not only on the biceps, but the triceps as well. Since the triceps take up the majority of the musculature in the arms, it’s paramount that they are stimulated with well structured exercises.

Enter Jeff Nippard.

An advocate for a science based approach to training, Jeff Nippard is always looking to get the solid facts on how to stimulate muscle growth throughout the body. Of course, he doesn’t just simply research exercise sciences, but also performs the movements as well which has led him to building a balanced and powerful physique. Check out the video to see the type of training Jeff Nippard undergoes in order to build solid triceps!

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