Chris Bumstead further reacts to Breon Ansley’s past comments about him.

In the ongoing rivalry between Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley, there have been verbal shots fired on both sides. Ansley has stated that he thought Bumstead was lacking body parts despite his Olympia 2019 win. Bumstead recently stated that he embraces the rivalry leading up to this year’s competition. It’s the kind of hyped up back and forth fans come to expect in the final weeks leading up to the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Chris Bumstead further reacts to Breon Ansley’s comments stating that it deflects responsibility away from Ansley.

After Breon Ansley was reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion for two years in a row, it seems that Chris Bumstead’s win in 2019 raised the stakes for this year. This time, Breon is not defending his title nor is he trying to win it for the first time. At the Olympia 2020, Ansley is fighting to reclaim his thrown and prove that he still has it in him to become the best in the world.

These high stakes have led to an entertaining and seemingly friendly rivalry between the two superstar Classic Physique competitors. While the two athletes have traded words these past few weeks – it all seems to come from a place of athletic respect. Both Bumstead and Ansley will do anything to win and both understand that about each other.

With very few heated rivalries in the sport overall right now, this Classic Physique build up is just what the fans need to get even more excited for this year’s competition. Chris Bumstead has already previously commented on Breon Ansley’s past comments. But in our latest GI Exclusive interview he goes a little bit further on his reaction to Ansley’s statement.

While speaking with Bradley Martyn, Breon Ansley seemed to admit that he thought Chris Bumstead was lacking body parts when he won the Olympia 2019. Ansley later confirmed this when speaking to us directly. Chris Bumstead isn’t taking this comment personally – but he did have some thoughts about it when speaking with us in our latest interview.

To Chris Bumstead, Breon Ansley’s comments are simply a way to deflect from Ansley’s own responsibilities going into the Olympia. At the end fo the day, a bodybuilder needs to be concerned with one thing – their own physique and perfecting it. With Ansley focusing on what he thought Bumstead lacks, he is removing criticism away from his own physique.

“Honestly the two things I took out of that, was hearing that he didn’t feel that they were going to let him win at some point and that he felt I was lacking body parts,” Chris Bumstead stated in our interview. He continued:

“Honestly, I believing someone is going to let you win is an excuse to take responsibility away from yourself. And in saying I’m the one who’s lacking body parts is like saying… again passing responsibility off the work that he has to do. Whereas I’m still approaching it knowing that if I show my best and I put in my own work for everything I know I can do to myself. Then that’s the best I can be and I will win the show and I’m not really worried about him looking bad or what he’s missing.”

Ultimately, what Chris Bumstead is getting at is that he thinks Breon Ansley is using deflection as a coping mechanism for the loss. At the end of the day, words are just words. And it’s 100% possible that Ansley will come back this year to win the title. It’s the physiques and the actions on stage that matter.

For now while the fans have to wait until December to see these two face off on the Olympia stage, this kind of verbal back and forth is just the right kind of hype to make things even more exciting. Neither are making nasty comments. Both are just showcasing that they want to beat the other.

While Chris Bumstead might seem to focus more on himself, Breon Ansley’s comments don’t mean that Ansley is completely ignoring self reflection. He’s training just as hard to win. The past is the past and in just about two months we’ll see who turns out on top.

You can watch Chris Bumstead’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

Derek Dufour
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