Phil Heath holds nothing back in his first major post Olympia 2018 interview.

We were excited to announce yesterday that Generation Iron landed an exclusive interview with Phil Heath. This is the first in depth sit down interview Phil Heath has committed to since his loss at the Olympia 2018… and he didn’t hold anything back. Our cameras filmed for two hours as Phil unloaded every single detail about everything from his mindset after losing the Mr. Olympia, looking back at his legacy, how the media painted his career, and what he plans on doing moving forward.

It’s a side of Phil Heath that we haven’t seen in a very long time – as he often kept to himself especially after his rivalry with Kai Greene ended with Kai’s exit from competitive bodybuilding.

Speaking of Kai – Phil Heath also talks in great detail about his relationship and rivalry with Kai Greene in way previously unseen. Seriously, Phil Heath unloads A LOT during this interview.

The first part of our exclusive one on one with Phil Heath will drop on Monday – but check out this sneak peak clip highlighting some exciting moments from our talk with Phil in the video above!