Athletes, doctors, and experts weigh in deep on steroids in bodybuilding.

Unfortunately, you can’t go very far in a conversation about bodybuilding without steroids being brought up. There’s a big reason for that – it’s because steroids are a widely used factor in the bodybuilding world. The bigger question then becomes how dangerous are steroids? Are it’s negative effects over exaggerated? Or is it something that is a true problem in not only bodybuilding but all sports across the world?

Generation Iron 3 digs deeper into steroids interviewing a range of doctors, experts, and legendary athletes to determine the real world effect these drugs has on not only the bodybuilding industry but the individuals who use steroids in the sport. How much are athletes actually taking? What is the mindset behind the risk/reward of using performance enhancers to become the best?

Watch this exclusive preview clip exploring the reality of steroids in bodybuilding above. Generation Iron 3 will be available worldwide on December 7, 2018. You can pre order today by clicking here or the banner below: