Joey Swoll shares his take on Brandon Curry as the Olympia 2019 champion and the criticism that followed.

Brandon Curry’s win at the Olympia 2019 was a grand victory indeed. But shortly after the excitement of a new Mr. Olympia champion settled down, criticism came out of the woodwork. Two legends, Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates, stated that they thought Brandon Curry’s physique couldn’t contend with the quality of Olympia champions during their era. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Joey Swoll reacts to the criticism and shares his thoughts on Brandon Curry’s big Olympia win.

It can be argued that Brandon Curry is having more pushback than most other Mr. Olympia champions after his win in 2019. This is largely due to the lack of competition. Phil Heath took time away after his loss, Shawn Rhoden was banned from competing, and Big Ramy’s injury prevented him from having enough time to compete. For this reason many fans and athletes alike have criticized the quality of the Olympia 2019. They’ve also tried to argue Brandon Curry’s win is less spectacular than past Olympia champions.

Joey Swoll doesn’t fully agree with this assessment. Does he think that the Olympia 2019 had less talent than previous years? Yes he does – but he doesn’t believe that should take away from what Brandon Curry has accomplished.

The wider you go looking at the history of a sport, the more you can make bold claims about who is the greatest of all time and which generation is better than the other. But the fact remains that times change and, as Joey Swoll puts it, Bradon Curry is the champion right now just like Donald Trump is the president right now. Regardless of past generations, Brandon represents the best in the world at theĀ  current moment. That’s still a lot – there are many competitors all hungry for the same prize. Only Bradon Curry was able to win it in 2019.

Check out Joey Swoll explain it all for himself in our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above!


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