King Kamali breaks down each set of his killer shoulder workout routine.


Often on King’s World, King Kamali focuses on sharing his opinions and tips in bodybuilding. He holds nothing back and doesn’t sugar coat anything. That’s what makes his advice and opinions so interesting. But Kamali is also a coach who trains a wide variety of clients. He has the in-depth know how to build exceptional pro bodybuilders. That’s why this week Kamali recorded in the gym to explain in detail how to build boulder shoulders. Working with one of his clients, Kamali takes us through every single exercise he recommends to blast your shoulders and transform your physique.

This video is just the first of five that will break down each body major muscle group and showcase the best exercises to build muscle. Not only that, but King Kamali shares detailed tips while his client trains alongside him – in order to point out little details that can make or break the workout routine.

Too often a workout guide is just a list of exercises, sets, and reps. The true hard work comes in learning how to perfect those exercises. Each rep and each set are vital – and how you perform them can make a big difference on the results you see across your body. Different variations, tips on form, and advice on how to keep up intensity can all contribute to improving your workout.

So start taking your physique to the next level with this in-depth shoulder workout guide. Watch the full workout guide in our latest King’s World episode above.

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