Nick Walker is confident that he will win the 2023 Arnold Classic with his best physique yet.

Nick Walker is a hype freight train that just won’t stop. After his 2021 Arnold Classic win, he has been the most talked about pro bodybuilder in the industry – and he’s only 28 years old. The phenom placed third at the 2022 Mr. Olympia and now just three months later he is sporting a physique that looks even more improved. Victor Martinez and Brandon Lirio talk with Nick Walker about his 2023 Arnold Classic prep one night before he steps on stage – where he expects to take the title yet again.

Nick Walker is not only an extremely talented bodybuilder, he’s also confident in a way that has hyped up the bodybuilding world into a storm. It’s not just words, he has the physique to back up his confidence. And if his latest physique update photos are to be believed – he just might be bringing the best physique of his entire career this weekend.

Nick Walker believes this himself. When he speaks to Generation Iron’s Victor Martinez and Brandon Lirio – he “drops the mic” stating he will become a 2x Arnold Classic champion this weekend. When asked why he is so confident – he points out that his physique is tighter, more conditioned, and fully than what he brought to the Mr. Olympia three months earlier.

Nick Walker doesn’t hide

He also points out how he’s not afraid to show off his physique leading up to the show. While most competitors wear heavy sweatshirts to hide their body before the big show – Walker shares physique updates constantly.

“I’m not afraid to post what I look like. Everyone hides… I show my strengths and my weaknesses. That’s it.”

– Nick Walker

That last part of his statement is most important. His confidence includes an openness to having weaknesses. He shows his physique, he knows it may have flaws, but he is confident he will always improve and bring something special come game night.

The consistent progress and rise of Nick Walker

For Nick Walker, the 2023 Arnold Classic is yet another stepping stone to prove that he can remain consistent with his improvements. Ever since he went pro, he has made slow and steady progress. With each Mr. Olympia he has increased in placing. Same goes or the Arnold Classic until his 2021 win.

So if he can win this year’s Arnold Classic, it will show that he is not going to take a step back. It’s all forward. It will show that he can beat former Mr. Olympia champion Big Ramy two times in a row. It will also show that he can continue to improve for a placing higher than third at the 2023 Mr. Olympia later this year. Perhaps even a Sandow trophy.

With less than 24 hours before we see Nick Walker on stage – only time will tell what the 2023 season will hold for him. You can check out our full interview with Nick Walker at the 2023 Arnold Classic meet and greet above.

Derek Dufour
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