Nick Walker Continues “Road To Recovery” With High Rep Back Workout

Nick Walker continues to work his way back to bodybuilding and recently hit a high-rep back workout.
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Nick Walker is back in the gym crushing workouts with a high rep back day.

Nick Walker has been back in the gym crushing workouts while he works his way back from a torn hamstring. On Thursday, he shared his most recent back day at the Lift Factory in Las Vegas to his YouTube page.

Walker was forced to miss the 2023 Olympia after suffering this hamstring injury. He was considered one of the favorites to take home the title after a third-place finish in 2022. Now, Walker will focus on prep for the 2024 Olympia despite not being qualified. He has spoken about how he feels like he deserves a special invite to the show but is prepared to qualify by winning a contest, if necessary.

“We’re going to hit some back again today. Probably change up the movements honestly. I’m not following a strict plan where I’m trying to progress on certain movements right now. Just trying to come in, get a good pump, and get out.”

The focus of the day was back and you can find Walker’s full workout below.

nick walker's full day of eating for 2023 olympia
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Nick Walker Back Workout

Lat Pulldowns – 2 sets

Nick Walker began the workout with lat pulldowns. He shared early that this would be a high-rep workout in order to help build size. The exact number of reps was nor shared for this exercise.

“Heavy, high reps. That’s how you get wide.”

Chest Supported Rows – 2 sets 

Walker continued on with chest-supported rows, where he performed two working sets. On the second, he backed off and performer more reps.

“Feel it out. Wait about a minute or so then go through the first working set. I’ll hit about 8-10 then I’ll probably do a back off, hit 10-12.”

Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows – 2 sets of 12-15

The next exercise was single-arm dumbbell rows. Walker performed these bent over with a bench to support his weight. This exercise was completed in two sets of 12-15. Walker got his heart rate up by performing these sets.

“Good pump. Dumbbell is like cardio.”

Cable Low Rows – 3 sets of 15-20

Cable low rows was the next exercise. Walker shared that this was one of his favorite ways to train back.

“My back always works better with higher reps. Sometimes I do 8-10 but I always found 15-20, my back blew up.”

Dumbbell Shrugs – 3 sets of 12

The final movement of the day was dumbbell shrugs. Walker then hit an ab machine for two sets of 30 reps to close it out.

“That was another back day. To make it clear, I’m not doing back extensions. Still not there yet, don’t feel comfortable so I’m not going to push it.”

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