Shaun Clarida gives us a play-by-play of his daily workout routine and schedule.

Slow and steady wins the race in the end. Shaun Clarida is a perfect example of this. He’s competed in the Men’s 212 division for many years hungry for an Olympia win. He never wavered and eventually evolved into a competitor with a stellar physique. It won him the 2020 Olympia.

Not only that, he also showcased a physique that exemplifies what a Men’s 212 bodybuilder should look like. Now he’s providing insight so that you can develop your physique just like him. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Shaun Clarida breaks down his workout routine and daily schedule.

Consistency is a big key in developing the perfect workout routine. There are no real tricks to becoming bigger – just dedication and hard work on a consistent basis. That’s why when we asked Shaun Clarida to break down his workout routine and daily schedule he claimed it was “boring.”

The repetition of a workout can be killer for motivation in the long term. That’s why adding variety and switching it up can be extremely helpful. But in terms of the day to day, repetition is key. Most importantly, each and every day of training should be pushed as strong as the last. Complacency is the true killer of gains.

If you’re wondering how to get started and bring your physique up to the next level. And by next level we mean the pro level. This breakdown will give you an idea of the kind of lifestyle you need to live to bring your body to impressive quality.

Shaun Clarida’s Workout Routine & Schedule

Shaun Clarida is the definition of wake up, train, eat, sleep, repeat. He’s already detailed how he utilized quarantine to further dedicate his entire day to bodybuilding. Now he breaks down the specifics of what his entire day looks like. Check it out below:

  • Wake up at 4am and head to the gym.
  • Fasted cardio training at 4:30am (30-45 minutes).
  • Follow up with ab & core training (25 minutes).
  • Return from gym and eat breakfast.
  • Relax for a few hours and consume three more meals.
  • Return to gym at 5:30pm and train (2 hours)
  • Posing practice
  • Return from gym and eat last meal at 9pm
  • Sleep at 10pm

As you can see from this breakdown, Shaun Clarida spends nearly four hours total in the gym. This isn’t all strictly weightlifting. It includes just under an hour of cardio. While this might be surprising to some – it’s key in bringing in conditioning.

Fasted Cardio Before Training

Shaun Clarida also clarifies why he wakes up so early to do cardio before any meal or training. He believes that fasted cardio brings in more results – something that has been repeated in past interviews we’ve conducted.

He also finds himself more motivated to do a complete cardio session if it’s before training. After two hours of lifting heavy weights, he might be more enticed to skimp on his cardio training. This leads to worse results. So he gets it out of the way first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before the real training begins.

Strength Wars Movie

Wrap Up

You may notice that Shaun Clarida doesn’t go into detail about what exact exercises he performs during his training. That’s because, while tips can be helpful, it’s largely useless. Each individual reacts differently. Blindly following one champion’s exact workout regimen will not necessarily yield the same results.

For information on how to put together the perfect workout program for you, make sure to check out our exercise guide page for complete breakdowns on how to properly perform each movement.

You can watch Shaun Clarida explain his workout plan in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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