Dumbbell Shrug – Exercise Guide

Dumbbell Shrug (Traps) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Traps

Equipment needed: Dumbbells


1. Stand with an upright torso with a shoulder-width stance as you hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides extended at arm’s length.

2. Grab the dumbbells with a neutral (palms facing each other) grip while maintaining a slight bend in your elbow.

3. Take a deep breath and lift your shoulders as high as you can while keeping your arms extended.

4. Pause and contract your traps at the top of the movement.

5. Return to the starting position while breathing out.

6. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Variations/How To

Unilateral Dumbbell Shrug

You can perform the dumbbell shrugs with one arm at a time to fix any muscle imbalances and improve conditioning.

Alternate Exercises for Dumbbell Shrug

Barbell Shrug

Upright Barbell Row