Shaun Clarida’s High Intensity Back Day

The 212 Olympian’s mass-gaining back workout

It is no secret that Shaun Clarida has a show stopping back, it is part of the reason he holds multiple Mr. Olympia titles in the 212 division. However, it is not all just genetics! Shaun Clarida’s back day workout routine involves the utmost intensity, and he truly gives it his all to pack on some serious muscle mass and craft that thick v-taper, accompanied by some mountainous biceps.

With the Mr. Olympia just a few months away, let’s dissect Shaun Clarida’s mass-building back day.

What is the 212 Division in Bodybuilding?

The 212 division is for those who may not be the tallest, and therefore do not step on stage as heavy as someone in the Men’s Open or Classic Physique divisions. When 212 was founded, the height limit was 5’5”, but now the only requirement is the competitors have to weigh under 212 pounds.

Who is Shaun Clarida?

Shaun Clarida

Nicknamed “The Giant Killer”, for his ability to hold his own and win against bodybuilders much larger than him, Shaun Clarida is a 212 Mr. Olympia champion, after winning in 2020 and 2022. Though he was not always a bodybuilding champ, he was actually bullied in his early years due to his size, but his interest in athletics eventually led him to bodybuilding, and he finally earned his IFBB pro card at the National Bodybuilding Championships in 2012. Now, he is an IFBB pro with multiple Olympia wins. 

Shaun Clarida’s Back Day

It is very evident that Shaun Clarida has a great back with thickness and width that are unmatched, and biceps that peak like no other. So, let’s take a look at what Shaun Clarida’s back and bicep workouts look like! 

Lat Pulldowns With Mag Grip Attachment

The first exercise on Shaun Clarida’s back day agenda are lat pulldowns, with a wide Mag Grip attachment. The Mag Grip attachment is a wide, supinated grip where the wrists face each other, and gives the lats a different type of stretch. He does a couple sets on there to get the blood pumping, with the last one going to muscular failure, before moving onto the next exercise.

Single arm Plate Loaded High to Low Row

Shaun Clarida Back workout

Shaun Clarida’s next back day exercise is the high to low row machine. The high to low row involves a vertical grip, where the lifter is pulling from a high position (where the arm is almost fully extended) to a low position (where the elbow is tucked up against the waist). It works on thickness and width of the lats, and the unilateral training style that Shaun uses allows him to make sure there are no muscular imbalances. The last set he does, goes to failure, and he trains bilaterally (both arms at the same time).

Plate Loaded Low Row

The next exercise in Shaun Clarida’s back day is a plate loaded low row. It has chest support as well, and can be done seated, but Shaun does it standing, almost like a dumbbell row. Again, he trains unilaterally on this exercise. 

Chest Supported T-Bar Row

Moving on, Shaun Clarida’s back day calls for the chest supported t-bar row, with a wider grip. This hits the mid back, and really helps to add some serious thickness to his back!

Classic T-Bar Row

shaun clarida back day

After the chest supported t-bar row, Shaun Clarida’s back day includes the classic t-bar row, where he is pulling from the floor. He uses 25 pound plates to get a better range of motion, and really stretch out the muscles in his back.

Cable Pullovers

From there, Shaun Clarida’s back day goes into cable pullovers, with the rope attachment. This gives a great stretch and allows for an even greater squeeze in the lats. He also throws in some posing in between sets here to show off the pump.

How Much Weight to Use

While the reps are not specified in Shaun Clarida’s back day video, he is hitting between 8 and 12 reps on each set, which is where you want to be to grow. So, you should be starting with a weight you can confidently hit is key to maximizing optimal growth. However, you must use a heavy enough load to push yourself to stimulate muscle growth. The weight should be heavy enough to barely get you in the rep range for each set while still being able to use good form.


Too often do bodybuilders forget to stretch, which should really be done before and after each workout. You do not want the muscle to cramp up!


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Shaun Clarida Back Day Wrap Up

shaun clarida back

Overall, the Mr. Olympia is right around the corner, and Shaun Clarida is a top contender for the 212 spot. After seeing this Shaun Clarida back day, do you think he will be taking home his third title? 

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