Sadik reacts to his 7th placing at the Olympia Classic Physique 2017.

Sadik Hadzovic was once a constant runner up in the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique division until he decided to move up and start competing in the newly minted Classic Physique. Since then he has had a bumpy road, landing 3rd last year and in 7th this year at the Olympia. Shawn Ray catches up with Sadik to see what his mindset is and how he is responding to his lower placing at Olympia 2017. Check out the full interview above!

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  1. I see people commenting about his legs and they have stage photo of them WITH NO FUCKING LEGS ‍♂️ Dude is an animal and like he said, it’s about growing. No one was 1st place out of the gate.

  2. His legs are so weak compared to the other competitors.. I mean his physique has definitely improved a lot his front double biceps is phenomenal plus his conditioning were on point but unfortunately that wasn’t enough, the other guys were much better than em

  3. if he stopped using Shyntol he might have had a chance! your shoulders are disproportionate due to the use of Shyntol! It’s a shame that using this oil has been banalized in this way, today any category of Bodybuilding are using it! These localized oil injections (Shyntol) are little by little destroying the true value of bodybuilding! This is sad!

  4. Great interview guys like him is why I grew to love this sport. He’s about getting better and being humble and respecting his colleagues. A-holes like Heath and Buendia should take notes.


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