A battle for perfect symmetry.

THIS OR THAT WITH JESSENIA VICE – takes two highly debated fitness topics and compares them to determine the best solution for maximizing your bodybuilding lifestyle. The best part? We let you decide the winner to be announced by Jessenia the following week. We raise the facts, you choose the champion. New episodes every Thursday!

There was a time when many though that Shawn Rhoden was the new age answer to Flex Wheeler’s perfect symmetry. A bodybuilder who would bring aesthetics into the new mass monster size of the current generation. And while Shawn Rhoden’s days are far from numbered – we haven’t seen him in quite the same prime form as he was a few years ago. That’s why we decided to do a dream showdown between Flex Wheeler and Shawn Rhoden in their prime. Who has the better physique? Who do you think would have won if they had competed against one another? Watch our breakdown above and then you can decide by voting in the YouTube comments!


  1. Lolzzz….. Rhoden is good but you comparing him against one of the all time best physique in terms of shape, fullness, proportions and symmetry! Flex is a legend.. Can only be compared with another legend.


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