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Kai has landed.

The time has finally come for Kai Greene to get back onto the posing stage and impress the fans once again. After missing out on the 2015 Olympia last week, Kai is looking to bring his most impressive forms to the stage at the 2015 Arnold Classic Europe. With so many different images going viral before the Olympia competition, fans were waiting in anticipation for “The Predator” to hit the posing stage to battle it out with his rival Phil Heath. Though the showdown may not have happened, Kai is set to bring his improved physique to the guest posing stage to impress the bodybuilding community with his shredded development. A sort of verification to all the fans thinking “what if.”

But before we can see him guest posing on stage – Kai has given us some exclusive pictures from his Dynamik Muscle photo shoot – hanging out in Spain and getting ready for his big appearance at the ACE. Check it out below:


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