Supplements: What Are The Best Fat Burners, The Side Effects, And Alternatives?

The best fat burners and why you should reconsider taking them.

Everyone wants a leg up and how can you blame them. These days people want a quick and easy fix in regards to how quickly they’re able to transform their bodies. People want to look good, want to be shredded, want to have massive muscle, and, perhaps most of all, wants to abolish stubborn fat. With all these different bodybuilders, fitness models, and actor out there all looking like comic book superheroes, it’s clear to see why so many people are dying to get in shape and look as impressive as possible.

That said, people are also impatient, always hoping to get a quick fix to success. As such, supplements will always be a popular option for those who are either too lazy or too busy to get all of the nutrients they need in regards to nutrition. But some simply want the extra help that some supplements can give them. To be specific, fat burners are clearly all the rage with it’s promises of devouring pounds from your frame. People are always looking for the best fat burners, but knowing what you’re getting into is the best option.

What Are Fat Burners?

For many of you looking to see the words “miracle supplement for fat destruction”, we must inform you that you will be disappointed. Fat burners, or thermogenics as they are also called, are blends of herbs and stimulants concocted for a specific purpose which is to raise your core temperature in order for your to burn more calories. Not only that, but they are also effective in suppressing your appetite and providing you energy when your in a calorie deficit or low calorie diet.

So far you’re thinking, “great, what’s not to like?” Well, the best fat burners that you can find on the market these days are missing a key ingredient that once gave fat burners such a claim to fame. The ingredient we’re talking about is Ephedrine.

A synthetic version of the Chinese herb, ephedra, Ephedrine can no longer be found in fat burners in the US market. They can still most commonly be found in UK prescription drugs these days. Why were they taken out of fat burners in the US market? Ephedrine has been shown to cause many unhealthy side effects as well as shown to have addictive qualities. Fat burners can indeed be effective, but the long term damage may not be worth it.

How Do They Work?

Now if you thought you’d just take a fat burner, sit down on the couch, and watch your fat melt away then think again. Fat burners aren’t a miracle drug that does all the work for you. In fact, there are very specific ways that fat burners can effect the body.

Appetite suppression is one way in which fat burners can help with fat loss. Through the use of noradrenergic drugs, the body’s hormones are manipulated so that the brain makes you feel like you are full. Other fat burners can manipulate your serotonin levels to make you feel fuller quicker.

Another type of fat burner are fat blockers. Made from a shellfish derivative called chitosan, when fat blockers enter the body the substance binds to the fat in the food you consume, which prevents it’s absorption into the body. This is dangerous however because not only can it block fat from entering the body, but other important nutrients as well.

Strength Wars Movie

There are fat burners that can increase your metabolism, which ultimately leads to weight loss. Caffeine is a main source for powering these types of fat burners, but like the others there are health effects to be cautious of. For one thing, overuse can cause metabolic damage as your body gets used to absorbing the stimulants and can eventually lead to rebound which puts your body into self preservation mode which means a slower, sluggish metabolism.

But while fat burners can be effective the side effects of anxiety, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, dehydration, damaged metabolism, and death makes this a supplement that you may not want to utilize. If you do wish to use fat burners, consulting a trusted physician should be paramount.

Bottom Line

So you came here looking to find the best fat burners you can utilize. Well, like we said before, consulting your doctor is always the best option before consuming any kind of supplement. But we’re not going to leave you empty handed. Trying these natural alternatives can help boost your energy output and increase your metabolism to help you burn fat.


There’s a reason why people use coffee as a pre-workout supplement. The caffeine in coffee means you’re going to get a ton of energy while at the same increase you metabolism and thermogenic response allowing for increased fat loss coupled with quality training.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can increase your metabolism as well as promotes your body to utilize fat as your primary source of energy. Sprinkling a bit on your lunch before you gym session couldn’t hurt.

Green Tea

Green tea is not only a great antioxidant, but a brilliant tool to help you boost your metabolism. It can also prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s. You get all the benefits of a fat burner without any of the unnecessary negative effects.

What do you think are the best fat burners?

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