Bodybuilding Motivation: Bodybuilding requires rigor and focus… and most importantly a plan.

This is something bodybuilding is not – going to the gym and deciding to lift whatever weights you feel like it because any hard work is good work to improving your body. This “I pick things up and put them down” view of bodybuilding comes from stereotypes and modern media making a satire of the sport and lifestyle.

In reality, bodybuilding is a rigorous and complicated endeavor that requires a well thought out plan for your entire week, and in the macro, for your entire year. It’s about isolating certain body parts or focusing on a compound group. It’s about preparing the correct diet for every single meal so that you best fuel your workouts and transform your body into something closer to your goal. It’s about measuring your progress week after week, month after month, year after year.

Bodybuilding might be repetitive, but it’s far from simple and it requires a very well formulated plan in order to rise up and become the best. That’s why Varyjer Motivation has put together this video that will inspire you to not only get into the gym and lift heavy ass weights… but to also build a plan so that all the hard work you put in will yield the best and most maximized results. Check it out above!

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