Cedric McMillan is training like a savage!

As the Arnold Classic fast approaches, the top bodybuilders in the game are pushing their training to the limit and making some considerable gains. 2017 Arnold Classic champion Cedric McMillan is looking to have a much improved 2018 and defend his title.

Weeks out from the first major pro show of the year, Cedric McMillan is training hard to ensure that he repeats at the Arnold this year. The video showcases his work ethic as well as goes in depth on the training methods and philosophies of Cedric McMillan.

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  1. Maybe the shoulders workout it’s the new gynoecomastia surgery… After backstabbing Arnold and trying to be funny at arnold’s classic, and joking with him as a good kiss-ass , defeating competitors in better shape than him (about mass of course he has nothing to do with it…) he’s coming back to the only show that he knows he can win due to the limited list of top contestants in certain editions…

  2. He can’t get his condition dialed in on any sort of consistent basis. I’m hoping wolf comes back in some good form. With McCarver gone and Compton sidelined, I’m not sure what to expect.


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