Greg Kovacs might be the first bodybuilder to be 400+ lbs while holding a reasonably lean physique.

Do you remember when Big Ramy claimed he was over 300 lbs when he was heading into the Mr. Olympia a few years ago? Do you remember how big of a deal that was? It’s very rare for a bodybuilder to stay exceptionally lean and compete at 300 lbs.

So this bodybuilder might shock and amaze you. While not competing at this weight – Greg Kovacs maintains an off season weight of 420 lbs… and he doesn’t look like a fat slob. That’s right – he might not be competition shredded but Kovacs maintains a lean physique weighing over 400 lbs. It’s insane and you can see what he looks like in all his mass monster glory in YouTuber Nick’s Strength and Power‘s┬ávideo above.



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