Classic Physique and Figure competitors fight for Olympia success.

We often see the success on the main stage but rarely get to see the journey behind the scenes. Before Phil Heath’s name was known to the masses. Before Flex Lewis became the undisputed Men’s 212 champion. But in truth those early moments are the most exciting – a time when an athlete has everything to prove but no guarantee that they will succeed.

Jamie McTizic and Renee Jones are such athletes. Rising in popularity and pushing to become champions at the Olympia weekend – these bodybuilders are on a quest to prove to themselves and the world that they are worthy champions. While in separate divisions – both are veterans, both are single parents, and both have their eyes set on Olympia 2017.

Jamie, already qualified, is balancing school, his business, and training as he preps for the Classic Physique Olympia competition. Renee Jones is still needs to qualify – balancing work, competition prep, and raising her child. No one said it was going to be easy… but that’s what makes it so damn exciting when we win, right?

Generation Iron is proud to present our latest documentary short, AGAINST ALL ODDS, focusing on the journey of Jamie McTizic and Renee Jones as they push towards Olympia 2017.

Against All Odds will release on the Generation Iron Fitness Network August 30th, 2017. You can get your first look in the trailer above.

You can also check out the poster below:

Against All Odds Jamie McTizic Renee Jones Generation Iron

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