Jay Cutler discusses the pressure of being an Olympia champion.

Jay Cutler is a 4x Mr. Olympia champion and so he knows the sorts of pressures that come along with it. In one of his latest social media videos, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, Jay talks about how things change once you become an Olympia champion and how much pressure is put on you as you go into your next competition with the expectation to win again.

He mentions that it becomes much harder to balance the things in life that make you happy with the mounting pressure of heading into another Mr. Olympia. Specifically making mention that many people will latch onto a current Mr. Olympia champion but not really have that person’s best interests in mind. Star-seekers so to speak who “fake” being your friend to be a part of the spotlight.

That’s just a taste – but you can watch the full video above to see Jay Cutler explain in detail how Shawn Rhoden’s life might change because of his newfound Olympia champion status.

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