Jose Raymond thinks that Jeremy Buendia knows exactly what he’s doing.

In the day and age of the internet – it’s not uncommon to be suspicious of big controversies. We’ve all been burned before by finding out a big internet viral controversy was just a purposeful plan to get more attention, more followers, more cash. This has happened so much that it’s hard to discern what is the best way to handle these kinds of things. Should we just ignore it? But what if it’s a real issue that needs to be discussed?

That’s where Jose Raymond comes in with his quick video update about Jeremy Buendia’s most recent controversy – his statement that Men’s Open Bodybuilding is dead. Raymond believes that this is all just a stunt. An attempt to get more attention and thus helping his brand become bigger and stronger. The old adage – no press is bad press. The funny thing about it all is that Raymond think it’s working. Jeremy Buendia’s name has been the main thing talked about over these past two days – so whether it’s good or bad thoughts – he is back in the spotlight at least for now.

What do you think? Is this just a stunt or is it really a statement that got out of hand and taken too far? Let us know in the comments below!

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