Muscle and cash.

Making bodybuilding your full time career can be very challenging. As the sport only pays out if you win – only consistent champions bring in a large amount of cash. Yes, sponsorships and business savvy can lead towards great financial success – but as a whole you won’t be rich right off the bat once you go pro like you might in other sports. So it’s always great to see bodybuilders that not only find greatness but also great success. That’s where the Korean Hulk comes in – as you can see from this video by Bodybuilding For Life – he not only has mass monster muscle… but also mass monster cash. Check it out above!

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  1. If you assholes claiming synthol think that lack of definition means synthol your fucking heads are up your asses.

    This dude is big. He’s a little out of shape with his body fat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s taking synthol.

    I suppose every big guy that isn’t 6% bf is on it with that incredibly STUPID logic.

    Do you think powerlifters take synthol? I mean many of them don’t have six packs and they have huge arms.

    Ignorance is bliss. Keyboard fucking warriors that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Comical.

  2. More body rock in the those 95kg curls, than an 80s breakdancer. The arms never straightened and the body rock did the work, 95kg hip and thighs curl more accurate.

  3. He’s got Asian genetics. Short and thick and it’s obvious he’s a powerlifter. No overblown body parts per say that are bloated with synthol. He’s just a short thick guy. No ticket sales here folks


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