Markus Ruhl and Paul Dillett were absolutely massive!

There’s no doubting that there are some humans that can reach heights of muscle mass that is simply unattainable for the average person. Bodybuilders that are all usually massive on the whole, but then there are some beasts that are a cut above the rest in terms of shear size. These days that title goes to Big Ramy, but back in the day, Markus Ruhl and Paul Dillett ruled the day.

Mass monsters on a whole different level, Markus Ruhl and Paul Dillett simply looked inhuman. Not only did they pack a ton of muscle during their competitive years, they were shredded to the bone. While they both competed during the same era, you didn’t always see the two go head to head against each other. But on the occasions that you did, you couldn’t deny that you were witnessing something out of this world.

Check out the video above, courtesy of BestofBodybuilding, that features both Markus Ruhl and Paul Dillett battling one another on the posing stage.

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