The oral history of how Pro Tan invented the bodybuilding tan as it exists today.

Generation Iron and Pro Tan has teamed up to release an in-depth short documentary about a side of bodybuilding you don’t often see.

Though the real hard work in bodybuilding comes with years of training and strict dieting – it is all for nothing if a competitor doesn’t have the right way to show off that rock solid definition and mass. Bodybuilding competitions set themselves up to provide the ideal lighting to showcase the phenomenal physiques of pro competitors… but lighting can only go so far. It requires a truly excellent tanning oil to make that definition pop.

But much like all aspects of bodybuilding, tanning has evolved and grown as time passes. And there was a time where the pro tan oil wasn’t the standard that it is today. Back in the Golden Era, pro bodybuilders often took it upon themselves and their own concoctions to make their muscle stand out.

Enter Pro Tan – one of the leading pro tanning oil companies that have a history as deep and epic as bodybuilding itself. Owner and founder Stacy Kaufman built the company from the ground up and has lived and bled a life of bodybuilding. He, along with his team, essentially invented the concept of bodybuilding tanning as we know it today.

Now for the first time ever, get an all-access inside look into the past, present, and future of Pro Tan and learn the exciting history of how bodybuilding tanning came into existence on the pro stage and beyond.

Our new digital short documentary – Pro Tan: Invention Of The Bodybuilding Tan – will be available on November 6, 2018 on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Check out the trailer above!



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