The 4 Most Common Lagging Body Parts and How To Fix Them

Forearm Workouts With Dumbbells

The Four Most Common Lagging Muscle Groups

Most people have muscle imbalances due to their genetics. A couple of their muscle groups will be laggings as compared to the other muscles. These people make the situation worse by overlooking these muscles or by not training them optimally.

If you go to gyms looking for the most common lagging muscle groups, you are most likely to find a pattern. Since you’re reading this article, we assume you have a lagging muscle group or two which you want to bring up to par.


Calves are one of the most common weak muscle groups. They also make it to the top of the most stubborn muscle group list. Unlike your upper body muscles, hiding your weak legs is easy. Bros with chicken legs cover them up with baggy track pants.

Training your calves can be different from the other muscle groups. You stand on your calves for the entire day and use them for moving from one place to the other. Your calves can recover quickly from your workouts and you can train them multiple times a week.

Rear Delts

Rear delts are a weak muscle group for most people. We’re sure most people aren’t even aware of their existence. Since the rear deltoids are on your back, it is hard to establish a mind-muscle connection with them since you can’t look at them in the mirror while training.

Rear deltoids are a hard muscle to train. Most people stick to a single exercise for training their posterior delts. You should add variations and target your rear delts from different angles in every workout.

Build Massive Forearms with this Workout


Most people spend way too much time training their arms and completely ignore their forearms. Muscular forearms can add to the size of your arms. Your bicep and triceps workouts aren’t enough to develop your forearms.

You need to train your forearms with compound and isolation exercises. Add forearm exercises to your arm days. You could also get hand grippers to train your forearms while you’re sitting idle.


Only a few other things look more awkward than a guy with big muscles and a tiny neck. If you have never trained your neck, it is time you start. You need to be extra careful while training your neck since it is one of the more delicate muscles.

Lie facedown on a flat bench and use a strap to lift a quarter plate. Move up to heavier weights as your neck gets stronger. Watch the video below to learn a few neck building tips from Mike Tyson.

Grow Your Weak Muscle With These Tips

1. Train Them At The Beginning of Your Workout

If you look closely, all these muscle groups are usually trained at the end of workouts. You are fatigued by the end of your workouts. You should train your weak muscles at the beginning of your workouts since you’re full of energy and stamina.

2. Train Them Twice a Week

Since these are small muscle groups, they take relatively shorter time to recover from your workouts as compared to the bigger muscles. Schedule your workouts so you have 48 hours before you train the same muscle again.

3. Use Advanced Training Techniques

Most people stick to the same exercises for the lagging muscle groups. You need to constantly change your exercises to shock your muscles and keep them guessing. Use advanced training techniques like supersets, drop sets, intraset stretching to take your workouts to the next level.

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